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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Bar/Bat mitzvahs are a ton of fun for us; we do a lot of them. A large part of our business is providing the music, entertainment, reception planning and coordination for bar/ bat mitzvahs, as well as doing elementary school family fun nights and middle school, high school and college dances. We know what kids, teens and young adults like and we know how to facilitate a good time for them.

A bar/bat mitzvah can also be a blast for the adults as well. We usually design our after-dinner dance set to appeal to everyone. We know lots of common denominator songs that work for kids, teens and adults. We get the whole dance floor goin’ wild as your guests follow along to our interactive antics. If you choose to have party favor giveaways, we incorporate them in with the songs for added fun.

We are often asked to present our show of  Dancin’ Thru The Decades” as a featured dance set. We begin with the swing steps of the 40’s or the jitterbug of the 50’s and move right through all the decades of pop and rock music until we’re hip-hoppin’ in the 21st century. Along the way, we do the dance steps and styles that represent each era.

Of course, we are always ready, willing and able to get everyone on their feet to dance the hora to honor our bar/bat mitzvah and family. We also teach some very simple Israeli folk dances that can be a lot of fun and can provide a different kind of dance enjoyment that you don’t find at other parties!

We offer games, contests and team relays for both fun or prizes. We can also plan a candle lighting ceremony with fanfare and custom introductory music for each of your candle lighters.

We believe that we have something extra to offer our clients and their guests. We promise to do our best to send your guests home saying, “Wow, that was the best party I’ve ever been to!”

Weddings - Ceremony and Reception
My DJs and I help make your wedding a wonderful day to remember. We believe that weddings should maintain a quality of class and simple elegance yet offer lots of fun for you and your guests.

My DJs and I are experienced party planners and day-of wedding coordinators. Our service always includes a thorough meeting in which we determine the format and content of your wedding. We are very organized and attentive to detail and provide an outline of your itinerary and mail or email copies of it to all your service vendors. On the big day itself, my DJs and I can make the entire occasion unfold in a relaxed, stress-free and professional manner. We keep in touch with your other vendors and make sure we are working together so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you, your family and your guests arrive, we see to it that everything takes place the way we have pre-planned it. We promise to do our best to send your guests home saying, “Wow, that was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!”

Request our DJ services to put the special in your special events and corporate dinners.