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Schools, Youth Groups and Family Fun Events

Schools, Youth Group and Family events are a ton of fun for me and my DJs; we do a lot of them. A large part of our business is doing school events (K-12); college dances; providing the music, entertainment, reception planning and coordination for bar and bat mitzvahs; and fulfilling the role of professional life of the party and certified funologist.

We often present our show as “Dancin’ Thru The Decades”. We start out by playing fun and lively tunes that the youngsters know and enjoy. Right from the start, we let the kids know that we are very approachable and we give them the opportunity to make requests and be very much a part of the song selection. When it feels like the full crowd has arrived, we start leading them through interactive games, songs and dance routines. We begin with the swing steps of the 40’s or the jitterbug moves of the 50’s and travel right through all the decades of pop and rock music until we’re hip-hoppin’ in the 21st century. Along the way, we do the dance steps and styles that represent each era.

We lead the dancers through fun movement-to-music routines, organize or teach some dances and get them on stage or in front of the DJ booth to put on a dance show or sing along through the microphone to their favorite songs. We believe in getting everyone to entertain each other so that all of us can share the spotlight!

Family events can be a blast for the adults as well. We usually design dance sets to appeal to everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. My DJs and I know a lot of common denominator songs that work for kids, teens and adults. And, of course, we play only songs with appropriate lyrics and subject matter.

We get the whole dance floor goin’ wild as your guests follow along to our interactive antics. If you choose to have party giveaways, like inflatable guitars, hats, beads, etc., we incorporate them in with the songs for added fun.

Walk-A-Thons: My DJs and I guarantee that our service will kick your walk-a-thon up a notch or even higher! Our high quality sound system sends the music out crystal clear across your yard, playground or football field with clean and efficient volume that won’t blast your eardrums. And we bring the added fun of including interactivities that the kids can do while walking, such as limbo, Macarena and step-thru-the hula-hoops. We make all your announcements and send fun and funny “shout outs” to encourage the walkers to keep at it.

Outdoor Events: Outdoor Events with me, Fiz-Nik Rick and my DJ team, are also filled with non-stop entertainment. My DJs and I show up with an arsenal of props and party supplies to assure that the kids have a veritable field day! We can set up our unique obstacle course and organize a myriad of activities such as hula hoop fun, limbo, sack races and sport activities. We offer games, contests and team relays for both fun or prizes.